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Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits are vital to those who have suffered injury or illness on the job. Many claims can be handled without legal assistance, but if you have sustained a serious injury or have a dispute with your employer’s insurance carrier, you may need help to get the benefits you deserve from a expert

Receiving your workers’ compensation benefits can be vital to your livelihood after an injury on the job. Benefits may include:

·       A percentage of your income while you’re off work

·       Payment of all necessary medical expenses

·       Compensation for permanent disability

·       Spouse’s benefits in the case of death

The legal team at Cirillo Law Firm can help you obtain the recoveries you deserve, including compensation from third parties if someone other than your employer was the cause of your injury. Employers often challenge the necessity and extent of your medical treatment, and we will fight for you every step of the way.

If you’d like to speak to a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer, please contact our office today for your free consultation.

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