Who Is Liable For Your Injury In An Amusement Park?

August 11, 2021
Who Is Liable For Your Injury In An Amusement Park?

The various attractions of an amusement park can provide hours of fun, but they also carry the potential risk of injury, with thousands of people wounded each year. When a park visitor is hurt, who is liable for paying for the damages?

When a person is injured in an amusement park and sues the amusement park, the laws of premises liability are usually applied. 

Premises Liability

If the grounds and facilities of an amusement park are not adequately managed, the land owner may be held accountable for premises liability. The landowner, amusement park owner, or some other third party would be responsible for keeping the property in good repair so that any injuries that could occur are avoided.

Product Liability

If a ride passenger is hurt at an amusement park, a product liability lawsuit may be filed. For example, if a lap bar or harness unlatched while the ride was on, resulting in an injury, the injured guest may be able to file a product liability lawsuit.

The most common causes of amusement park accidents are as follows:

Mechanical failures

If an injury happened as a result of an equipment problem with one of the rides, a product liability lawsuit against the designer or manufacturer may be conceivable. Product defects can be risky in any situation, but they are especially hazardous in amusement parks. If a ride or other piece of equipment failed owing to inadequate maintenance, the entity responsible for maintaining that mechanism may also be held liable.

Operator negligence

It is the duty of amusement park ride operators to ensure that every visitor meets the necessary requirements before being allowed on a ride. This implies that if a visitor is too young or too short to ride, they should be denied entry. Ride operators are also accountable for performing pre and post-ride safety checks, such as checking safety restraints and ensuring that all passengers have their hands and feet inside the vehicle. If an injury occurs as a result of operator error or the amusement park owner's failure to properly train their operators, both parties may be held liable.

It is critical that you should not handle your case alone if you or someone you know has been hurt in a Connecticut amusement park accident. Because these claims can be difficult to handle on your own, you may wind up receiving less compensation than you deserve.

Instead, you should speak with a Connecticut Accident Injury Lawyer who specializes in matters similar to yours.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.