When You Need a Disability Lawyer

May 13, 2019
When You Need a Disability Lawyer

When you are applying for a social security aid, it is highly essential to hire a disability lawyer and this is something which one can rarely forego.  Even if you have some legal experience, if it is not of disability law knowledge, it will be of no use. You will not know what to do in court and you will be denied in court because this is what the importance of a disability lawyer is.  

In the cases of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSDI), if you have hired someone for the claim, your representative does not have to be a licensed attorney, according to the law.

So what makes a disability lawyer so important and when do you need it? Let’s look at the below nitty-gritty.

  1. An application which is denied

There are many applications of social security which are denied. Sometimes it is not for the reasons which you might think; it is nowhere a notion that the government is saying that it cannot pay you. The usual scenario is that you might have made some mistakes while applying for social security. It is true that a lot of initial applications are denied but it is also because of the reason that they are filled out incorrectly. This makes it very important for you to have assistance from an experienced lawyer.

  1. If the application takes times

A delay in social security is common. There are many cases where SSDI is denied but is accepted after a second or third try. You might have more proof that you have a disability and you cannot work but without a lawyer, it might be very difficult to get through it. The process can drag from a month to a year and you might want to quit on this process but if there is an experienced lawyer with you, he/she can make things done for you while you can live your life with your condition.

  1. An experienced person is required to present the case

Effectively presenting your case is very important as this will be the deciding factor as to your social security aid will be awarded or not. In this context, you will require a person who knows the laws and regulations and holds knowledge as to what can be the barrier to preventing the case from being awarded. The lawyer can persuasively present your case.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.