What you should know about injury claims against the government

March 11, 2019
What you should know about injury claims against the government

There are often times when one receives an injury caused due to a government entity or a government facility. In case you have suffered an accident and sustained injury due to any government official or facility, you must know the procedure of a personal injury claim against the government is way different than that of any public entity. You must first and foremost seek help from experienced personal injury lawyers to make sure you do not commit any mistake.

In most of the cases, the state laws expect that the claims should be filed in a very simple language with all the information, put down in a list format. There are even special claim forms that one can procure from the state office or from the office of your personal injury attorney. However, the claim can also be filed on a simple piece of paper, with all the information, either handwritten or typed and duly signed by the claimant.

The common components of a claim filing form include:

Name and address of the claimant:

Claimant is the entity who sustained injury. The claim form must have the name and the complete address of the claimant. In case the claim is being filed on behalf of a minor, it should be written as “Claimant XYZ, a minor, by ABC, parent.


The address you provide here serves as the primary address where all the notices are to be sent. You must notify the address where you want all the official notices from the government agency to be sent.

Date, Place and key details of the accident:

Do not make this column very descriptive and stick to overviews. You will have to narrate your story later and there will be ample time for it. All you need to describe here is the Date, Place and the Circumstances of the accident.

Description of your injury or losses incurred:

This is a point of the process and here too, you should be very descriptive. Just write generally about your injury, without going into details. You can mention that you have suffered a neck injury, wrist injury, back injury, leg injury or more.

Amount of the compensation claimed:

You will have to offer a figure that you seek as compensation. The experienced personal injury law firms in New Haven suggest that you must quote a figure that is higher than the worth of the case.

Date and Signature:

Do not forget to put a date on the claim form and also to sign.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.