What You Need to Know About a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

August 20, 2018
Personal Injury lawyers

Slip and fall cases are common in workplaces, public places or home. But, when you slip, trip or fall on someone else’s property and sustain injuries, the cases are governed as a subclass of premises liability claims. Every property owner/ manager has a responsibility to manage its property, ensuring safety for all. Failing to safeguard this responsibility, one has to face legal consequences. In case of such a failure, Personal Injury lawyers are the best person to contact and seek help.

Different types of slip and fall accidents:

A number of property premises accidents are covered under slip & fall accidents:

·         Slippery floors

·         Frosty floors

·         Cables, wires or other tripping traps

·         Danger-prone flooring

·         Poor lighting

The liability of slip and fall cases:

Usually, the property owner is held liable for slip and fall cases. It is the plaintiff’s duty to prove in front of the court that the property owner failed to perform his duties to care for the property and the plaintiff on the property and the failure have caused the plaintiff injuries and other damages. Expert Personal Injury attorney helps the plaintiff in preparing a slip and fall case to claim the best possible compensation.

What are the claims that a plaintiff can make under the slip and fall case?

Slip and fall cases can cause a number of damages to an individual including injuries, financial losses, mental damage and more. The medical expenses and loss of income makes a huge part of the damages sustained in a slip and fall accident. Doctor’s bill, medical bills, in-home assistance and rehab charges are a few types of costs to include.

In case of a serious injury that can affect the quality of life and demand prolonged medical attention, the plaintiff can also file for a medical care expenses in the future. The Plaintiff can also demand compensation for pain and suffering and the loss of entertainment in life.

Hiring Personal Injury lawyers New Haven:

Slip and fall cases are quite intimidating and without expert supervision, one may not be able to get fairly compensated. Personal Injury lawyers New Haven are experts in slip and fall cases and can help you get out of the situation with the best possible compensation amount. They also offer assistance in collecting evidence and preparing the case. In most of the cases, a slip and fall attorney represents the plaintiff in the courtroom as well.

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