What Is Intellectual Property

December 21, 2020
What Is Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is not confined to one area, it covers many areas in the legal world. Your business name can be considered a trademark and your exclusive slogan is considered a service mark. By licensing your intellectual property, you can also add to your income stream. It is essential that you copyright any brochures and design of your website. When you want to sell your business, your IP will possibly be included, and the more it is safeguarded, the more value it brings to your business.

Copyright Law

In reality, a copyright is a collection of multiple rights granted to writers and creators of original works. These rights include the right to copy the work to produce a "derivative" or "spin-off" work, to publicly complete the work, to publicly show the work, and to share the work on social media. Registering your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office guarantees that the world is aware of your ownership of the work; it also gives you statutory remedies in the case that your work is used illegally by another.

Trademark Law

A trademark is a symbol or mark used to denote the source of a product or service by an individual, company, or other organization and to differentiate the product or service. On the side of the lane, when you see a big yellow M, you assume there may be a McDonald's restaurant nearby. When you see a tick mark "swoosh" on a magazine's pages, you know that the ad was placed by Nike.

Trademarks are regulated by federal and state laws. One of the most significant decisions that a business can make is to register a trademark. You not only put the world on notice of your ownership of the mark by federally registering your trademark, but you are also entitled to take advantage of the statutory remedies available in the case a person or company uses your trademark unlawfully.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is confidential info that is not commonly accessible or reasonably verifiable; it is a piece of information that provides an economic advantage to your company over market rivals. A trade secret can be a formula, a template, a method, or a collection of data that your rivals do not know. Your client list, for instance, could be a valuable trade secret for your business. It is necessary to take measures to secure these critical pieces of information.


Giving someone else a license to use the intellectual property can be a great source of revenue for Connecticut businesses. The Connecticut intellectual property attorneys at Cirillo Law Firm will help you formulate agreements to optimize the use of the intellectual property and intangible assets of your organization, whether you want to license your name, your formulas, written content, recipes, client lists, or your training techniques.

Internet And Domain Name Law

Anyone with a working knowledge of the Internet has the right to register an infinite number of domain names, often infringing on the copyright of another domain name. Disputes also occur when a business wants to register a domain name for a website only to discover someone else has already taken it. Registrants may or may not use the domain name in an infringing or improper manner. Mostly the business can buy out the domain name from the registrant at a premium price.

Non-Competition And Confidentiality

Businesses must still be mindful of their intangible properties, even though they do not hold any patents, copyrights, or trademarks. The data and skills exchanged with employees can be a valuable benefit to the organization in many fields and industries. Employers can find it helpful to avoid employees taking what they have learned on the job from their work and using it to start a competing company.

Additionally, workers also learn confidential details while on the job. It is necessary for employers to take care to keep the data secure while the employee is working as well as after leaving. Again in order to be valid, these agreements have to be fair and realistic.

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