What are the parameters to decide the extent of injuries when a Child is struck by a car

March 26, 2020
Accident Involving a Child

Road accidents are common but it is surprising to know that most common victims of car accidents are children. As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car crashes victims are usually children below age 14 years and in 20% of the cases, they are pedestrians. The report further states that both children and older adults are susceptible to road mishap injuries. 

While older adults are equally prone to injuries, the best personal injuries lawyers state that the extent of injuries sustained by children varies extensively in each case. In most cases, children get injuries to their head and neck unlike adults who get injured on upper and lower legs as well as knees. Children also get injured in the chest and abdomen when hit by a car.

Why children get affected by a car accident differently:

The best personal injury lawyers state that because the stature of the children is small. They take the impact of an accident differently from adults. In most of the cases, the most affected area of a child’s body is the body part where they get hit by the bumper of the car. 

When the car hits an adult, the bumper usually struck the lower body or pelvic area. However, in children, it hits close to the upper body affecting a range of body parts including chest, abdomen and at times head.

There is a range of other factors too that impact the extent of the injuries and types, including:

  1. The height of the bumper:

Different vehicles have different size and the height of the bumper also varies. The type of vehicle that hits the child and the height of the bumper will identify the extent and type of injury. 

  1. Speed of the vehicle:

The rate of speed affects the victim differently. The higher the speed the more will be the impact of the accident. Moreover, the speed of the vehicle can affect the victim by tossing him up in the air or throwing them further.

  1. The angle of the collision:

The angle in which the car hits the victim also helps in determining the injuries. The impact of a side hit will be different than a frontal hit.

No matter what type of accident it has been or how severely the child is hit, it is important to engage a professional from the best law firm New Haven to help you with the proceeding of getting the right compensation.

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