What a Disability Lawyer should do for you?

August 6, 2018
What a Disability Lawyer should do for you

Disability lawyers and attorneys are your refuges in case you are dealing with a social security disability claim. There are a number of reasons that explain why applying for social security disability benefits,however, before you hire one, it is important that you ask questions and gets an answer that satisfies your steaming thoughts.

Among the many questions that are critical to being answered, the primary question remains what a disability lawyer should do for you? This post is dedicated to answering all your queries about what all you can expect from a social security disability attorney. Let us begin with understanding the need of hiring an expert lawyer for your social security claims:

Why you need a social security disability claim lawyer?

There are several reasons that suffice the need including:

·         You suffer from a disability that refrains you from working.

·         The process of applying for the claim is overwhelming and you need an expert’s advice.

·         The level of disability does not allow you to apply on your own.

·         You have limited access to information regarding Social Security Administration (SSA)

·         You fear the court proceedings.

·         There is already an application that has been denied by the authorities.

Filling for a social security disability claim is the right given to every citizen. However, to get it sanctioned, you need to have a strong application. As per the records, 35% of social security disability claims are rejected at the initial level itself.

Benefits of Hiring Disability Attorneys in New Haven

There are many benefits of hiring a disability attorney. However, the range and type of benefits depend on when you hire one. The benefits can be broadly classified into two categories- hiring a lawyer before applying & hiring a lawyer to reapply.

Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer When Applying

·         Collecting the right information and putting it to the best use.

·         On time submission of all the required information

·         Protecting the right of a fair hearing

·         Filing appeals to challenge unfair practices & decisions

·         In case of court proceedings, act like your advocate

Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer When Reapplying

In case your application has been denied, an attorney can help you reapply. Here are the benefits:

·         A complete examination of the denied application, finding out the reason for denial and suggest important changes.

·         Assess that all rights are fully protected and make easy to approach for potential benefits you are entitled to.

·         Increasing your chances for acceptance the second time.

These many benefits explain the complete profile of a disability claim lawyer. Hope, now you know what a disability lawyer can do for you.




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