Understanding the type of damages and their assessment after an automobile accident

December 10, 2018
Types of car damages

Automobile accidents are tragic and often result in personal or property damages. In case you or someone you know have been through an accident, they have a right to demand compensation for their monetary losses. You will need to hire a car accident attorney as the nature of every car accident case is different and is widely dependable upon the type of damages you sustain from the accident.

With the help of the car accident lawyer, you can find out the extent of your damages. The experts are a prion assessing the damages and preparing the compensation bill for the victims for a successful claim filing process.

Different types of car accident damages:

The different types of car accident injury damages can be assessed by the attorney, including:

Medical expenses:

Medical expenses are the biggest monetary damages that you can incur out of a car accident. Medical expenses include a number of aspects including hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, there are bills for over the counter medication and consultation & prescription from the doctor.

The expert personal injury lawyers recommend maintain following documents for successful claim filing process:

  • Doctor notes
  • Diagnosis records
  • Treatments bills
  • Prescription receipts
  • Notes from the Physical therapist and invoices

Property Damage:

When two vehicles collide the damage is mutual. In case you have sustained damage to your car, you can claim for repairs and replacement of the damaged parts of the vehicle. If you were riding a rental car, you can include car rental in the claim. You must maintain all the bills of repairs and replacement to submit as supporting documents.

Pain and suffering:

This is a non-quantifiable damage to an individual. However, if you were injured and suffered from a trauma for which you had to avail services of a psychologist, you must include that in the claim.

Loss of earning capacity:

One might sustain a permanent or temporary disability from the accident. You can include this condition in the claim and demand for compensation for your earning capacity loss.

Lost wages:

A significant amount of wages are lost during your hospitalization. You must offer the valid documents to your lawyer to assess the amount you lost due to the accident and include it in your claim.

How to proceed?
You must consult a professional personal injury law firm New Haven and hire an attorney. The lawyer would best guide you about the compensation process and make sure you are fairly compensated out of your car accident misery.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.