Ultrasound Malpractice Cases

June 2, 2021
Ultrasound Malpractice Cases

Ultrasound imaging is standard practice that provides better care for pregnant women and their unborn babies. In order to make important decisions concerning a woman's and an unborn child's health, the vast majority of OB-GYN practitioners in Connecticut use ultrasound diagnostic tools. 

Obstetricians can more quickly diagnose and treat serious issues that might affect the mother or the fetus by creating real images of a woman's womb and the developing fetus inside. However, there are a series of aspects that can cause problems with ultrasound efficiency. We'll talk about ultrasound malpractice in this article, including how mistakes happen and what victims can do next.

Why will an ultrasound malpractice case arise?

Ultrasound is a vital tool for assessing a pregnant woman and her developing fetus' general health. It is the most common procedure used by obstetricians to assess the pregnancy as a whole and to detect potential fetal and gynecologic problems. With such a critical role to play in the prenatal care process, ultrasound mistakes can have disastrous consequences. 

Inexperienced sonographers, poorly maintained equipment, failure to appropriately interpret ultrasound results, and communication problems on the part of the doctor, sonographer, or medical team can all lead to sonographic medical malpractice.

The following are some of the most typical examples of ultrasound testing negligence:

  • Sonography training or education is lacking.
  • Images of poor quality.
  • Sonogram readings that are misinterpreted.
  • Failure to recognize an existing problem.
  • Maternal or fetal conditions are misdiagnosed.
  • Equipment that is faulty or broken.
  • Inadequate equipment maintenance.
  • Inability to order more tests.
  • Failure to inform the parent about the ultrasound findings.

All of these catastrophic ultrasound mistakes could have devastating consequences. Failure to recognize a baby in the breech position or another aberrant birth presentation, for example, may delay a doctor from conducting a necessary C-section, potentially resulting in significant birth injuries. Similarly, failing to diagnose a birth defect while a child is still in the womb deprives parents of the chance to avoid having a child with a lifelong physical deformity or another chronic ailment. Wrongful birth is the term for this situation. 

Do You Need an Attorney?

If you or someone you care about has been injured or becomes ill as a result of a misinterpreted ultrasound, you should contact an attorney right away. A knowledgeable Medical Malpractice Attorney in Connecticut can use their resources to properly investigate what happened and assist sufferers in obtaining the highest compensation possible. To guarantee that their client is handled properly, an attorney will handle all communication and discussions with all parties involved, as well as prepare the case for trial if necessary.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.