Truck Accident in CT is a common occurrence: Find out why

December 23, 2019
Truck Accident in CT is a common occurrence: Find out why

Truck accidents are horrific and cause a lot of damage to life and resources. It is very important for the drivers to be vigilant as they drive their trucks on the road.  A small mistake can result in an accident that could lead to loss of life of a person, not only of truck driver but also the owner of the vehicle to which the truck collides.  Truck accidents in CT are quite a common occurrence. In this post, let us discuss the reasons for the occurrence of accidents and how accident attorney CT can help:

Negligence from the driver 

Negligence from the driver is one of the key reasons for the accident. This includes:

  • If the driver fell asleep or maybe he was disabled by a heart attack or seizure, or was physically impaired due to any kind of reason.
  • The driver was lacking concentration, unfocused due to something present inside or outside of the vehicle, or was unable to look at the situation sufficiently.
  • The speed of the driver was too fast due to some conditions or maybe he just misjudged the speed of another vehicle, or followed a vehicle very closely which resulted in an accident.
  • The driver got panicked or did not have proper directional control.


Another issue which is observed is fatigue which is caused by overwork. A number of truck drivers usually drive long distances for long hours without having rest or very little rest in between. This is usually because of the owner of truck companies who want the delivery of goods to particular destinations within a short span of time. Truck drivers are under great stress to deliver within the set time period so as to ignore the repercussions.

Consumption of Alcohol or Drug Abuse

 It is sad to observe that a number of truck drivers are found responsible for using alcohol and non-medicinal drugs while they are on their work ground.  Some drivers only take drugs when they take small stops across the country, while others take a step further and they take alcohol and drugs with them while they are driving.  No matter how drugs and alcohol are being consumed, their driving can become dangerous and can easily result in an accident.

There are also certain prescribed drugs that the drivers might be under consumption and they can further result in the problem of coordination and judgment while they are behind any vehicle which further can lead to a serious accident.

In case of a truck accident, the other party sustaining the damages must hire a personal injury attorney and ensure that they receive the set compensation. 

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