Tips by expert car accident lawyers to avoid distracted driving accidents

November 19, 2018
Distracted driving

The number of people getting killed and injured in auto accidents is rising drastically. While the reasons behind these accidents are diverse, there are good chances that motorists can avoid these accidents by taking some preventive measures. By staying focused and dedicated while driving, a number of accidents can be prevented. Expert car accident attorneys explain a few tips that can help motorists prevent accidents and enjoy peaceful driving:

  • Put your cell phone aside:

The best way to keep your mind and attention on the road is switching off your cell phone while you are driving. Cellphone usage has been termed as one of the biggest reason for distracted driving.

However, if it is not possible for you to turn off the cell phone, at least put it aside and on silent mode until you pulls the breaks.

  • If you are feeling tired or drowsy, better pull aside:

Drowsy driving can be compared to drunk driving which means that the chances of the accidents are higher. Drowsy driving happens when the motorist feels tired or hasn’t slept well. In case you feel tired or drowsy while driving, it is better to take a short break and start fresh, maybe after a coffee shot.

  • Follow the passenger limit:

Having more passengers than allowed is one of the major reason drivers commit mistakes. The expert auto accident lawyers claim that when passengers are more in number, the drive tends to engage in a conversation or get impacted with the passenger’s actions.

  • In case of urgencies, better pull over:

You might have a situation where you need to deal with something important while driving. In such case, pull over the vehicle and address the urgency. Also, if you are traveling with pets or children, make sure you have taken enough security measures to avoid any issue later.

  • Ask for help:

When you are traveling with passengers and there is something you need, ask one of the co-passengers to help you with it. Whether it is water or an extra cushion for comfort, ask the passenger to hand it over to you to avoid any accident-prone distraction.

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