Third-Party Liability in a Construction Accident

May 19, 2021
Third-Party Liability in a Construction Accident

If you or someone you know works in the construction sector, you must be already aware that the hazards are higher than those faced by most workers. That does not rule out the possibility of receiving just compensation for your injuries. Third-party contractors on the working site are often to blame for construction accident casualties. This could indicate that you are entitled to more money than you think.

Construction Accidents are Serious

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 5,333 construction workers died in the year 2019. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry had 3.5 recordable injury incidents per 100 workers, which was greater than most other industries (BLS).

According to OSHA, the top four causes of death among construction workers are:

  • Falls (39.2 percent )
  • Being struck by a foreign object (8.2 percent )
  • Electrocutions (7.3 percent )
  • Getting stuck in the middle of two objects (5.1 percent )

Third-party can be found everywhere in the construction industry

It's unusual for a single construction company to be present on a job site. A single company almost never completes a whole construction project. Rather, one primary company will likely manage the show, with dozens of smaller third-party contractors specializing in various aspects of the essential labor.

These third parties may make mistakes on the job site that result in harm to personnel from other companies. Third-parties frequently do not adhere to the same safety standards as the main company for whom they operate (though they should), resulting in serious incidents. The following are some instances of situations in which a third party could be held accountable in the construction industry:

  • Use of substandard materials when building tires or structures
  • Faulty plans for demolition by the engineer
  • Failure to warn of a subcontractor's hazardous conditions
  • Accidents caused by a third party
  • Failure to follow site safety standards by third-party contractors
  • Improper work on electrical equipment by a third party, resulting in electrocution

What is the significance of this?

Workers' compensation will normally compensate for injuries that occur at work, regardless of who is to blame. If your employer makes a mistake that causes you harm, you will normally only be compensated for the amount covered by workers' compensation, and you will not be able to pursue a personal injury case.

Injuries caused by a third-party contractor, on the other hand, are distinct. You may be entitled to additional compensation through a personal injury case against the responsible party because they do not work for your firm.

What kind of compensation can I be eligible for?

Following a third-party construction injury, you may be entitled to a variety of monetary and non-monetary damages. This can include things like:

  • Compensation for your injury-related medical bills
  • Lost salaries and benefits if you cannot work
  • Future earnings and earning potential lost.
  • Typical household costs
  • Physical therapy costs that may be incurred
  • Damages caused by pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages may be awarded to a negligent party

These losses go beyond what a workers' compensation claim would normally cover. It is critical to retain legal counsel as soon as possible following a construction accident injury so that the situation can be carefully investigated.

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