Staying Safe in Spring

April 2, 2018
Spring weather can increase in Personal Injuries

Now that the weather is warmer, more people are spending time out of town and outside. It’s all good to have fun in the sun, but spring weather brings an increase in personal injuries. Here at Cirillo Legal, the best personal injury law firm in New Haven, our team of experienced lawyers is ready to help you pursue any personal injury you may experience at any time of the year. Here are some tips to avoid life-changing injuries at the hands of others while you’re on your spring vacation.

If you’re swimming in your friend’s pool, exercise plenty of caution. Slick surfaces are prime for slipping and falling onto hard concrete. Make sure you know how to swim and are wearing proper swim attire. Drowning is always possible when you or your children are around water. If you visit a public pool, pay attention to any warning signs indicating wet surfaces. Sometimes pool employees are negligent and do not put up such warnings, so stay alert regardless of any warning signs.

Auto accidents increase during the warm months when students go on spring break. If you’re visiting a crowded tourist location, exercise caution on the roads. Increased numbers of people on the road may lead to more accidents; people out on vacation may be out on the roads intoxicated in higher numbers than usual.

Spring showers may also be responsible for personal injuries on the road. Slippery roadways make it easy for cars to twist and turn. Always stay alert while out on the roadways.

If you have suffered a personal injury this spring or any other time of the year, please reach out to the legal professionals at Cirillo Legal, the best law firm in New Haven. If you need the advice or support of an experienced legal team, we provide a wide variety of legal services, including workers’ compensation law, disability law, and criminal law. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process from beginning to end, using their legal expertise to your advantage.

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