Slip And fall Accidents In Parking Lots

November 17, 2021
Slip And fall Accidents In Parking Lots

One of the most prevalent ways that people are injured in incidents where someone else is at fault is through slip and fall mishaps. If parking lots aren't kept up to date and fixed as needed, they might become trip, slip, and fall dangers for unwary visitors. Long-term injuries can include hip fractures, back, shoulder, and spine injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries. If you were hurt in one of these accidents, you may be able to sue the business or property owner for damages.

Who can be liable for paying compensation after a slip & fall accident happens in a parking lot?

Property Owners

The field of personal injury law known as premises liability law covers parking lot injuries cases. Premises liability lawsuits are intended to compensate those who have been injured as a result of a property owner's negligence in inspecting and maintaining the property. Parking lot collapses can be caused by a variety of faulty soil conditions. Defective or broken stairs and steps, untreated ice patches, uneven walking surfaces, missing or broken railings, and dangerous potholes in asphalt are also prominent reasons. If the lot owner was aware of the unsafe condition yet did nothing to fix it, they were most likely irresponsible in their property care. Similarly, if they were unaware of the condition but should have been aware and conducted a reasonable inspection, they could be held negligent.

Commercial Entities

Some restaurants, stores, and other commercial entities rent rather than own the space they use for their restaurants, stores, and other commercial services. If they fail to maintain and restore the parking lot as required under their lease, they may be held liable. Even if the parking lot is the responsibility of the owner, the business could be held partially liable if it was aware of a hazardous condition and did not take appropriate measures to alert the owner and ensure the problem was resolved.

Apartment owners

If you fell in a parking lot in an apartment complex, the landlord is usually always accountable for maintaining the parking lot as a commonplace for all tenants and visitors for compensating you if you fell due to a hazardous condition.

Reasons for Slip & fall in the parking lots

Slip and fall accidents mainly happen in parking lots due to the following reasons.


Generally, parking lots can become dangerously slick when the weather becomes chilly. When water accumulations in the parking lot are not removed, they can freeze into ice. Black ice is particularly dangerous because it is difficult for people to see.

Snow and sleet

While accumulated snow and sleet may make sidewalks and parking lots even more hazardous if not cleaned soon. Snow and sleet are not only slick, but they can also conceal slick ice patches.

Pavement defects

Asphalt and concrete are used to construct parking lots. These materials erode with time and exposure to the elements, resulting in an uneven and cracked parking lot and sidewalk surfaces. Potholes can be even more deadly. When owners do not consistently maintain or repair these surfaces, this can provide a major fall hazard.

If you were a victim in a slip and fall accident in the parking lot, contact the Personal Injury Attorney in New Haven, CT

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