Semi Truck Accidents Vs Car Accidents

September 15, 2021
Semi Truck Accidents Vs Car Accidents

Accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger cars are quite prevalent, and both can lead to significant property damage, injuries, and death. Many circumstances, however, apply to huge commercial truck accidents that are not applicable to other types of car accidents.

Semi Truck Regulations

The trucking industry is extensively regulated by federal and state legislation to protect the lives of individuals on the roadway.

All interstate trucking activities are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which ensures that semi-truck drivers and trucking businesses follow safety procedures. Weight restrictions, driver drug and alcohol testing, and vehicle maintenance standards are all FMCSA laws that all motor carriers must know and obey.

Individual states also have rules governing trucking operations within their borders.

Size and weight matters

A typical car weighs roughly 4,000 pounds, while a typical tractor trailer weighs around 80,000 pounds. Because size matters in an auto accident, collisions involving a semi-truck are likely to cause more damage than those involving other vehicles.

If you were at a complete stop at an intersection and were rear-ended by another car traveling at 40 mph, the impact would be significantly less than if you were rear-ended by a tractor trailer traveling at the same speed. Because the tractor trailer is larger and heavier, even if the car and tractor trailer are traveling at the same speed, you will feel more of an impact.

What leads to the accident

Another significant distinction between a commercial motor vehicle or semi-truck accident and an automobile accident is the determination of the event's cause. The majority of the time, a separate combination of factors causes truck accidents. Car accidents are frequently caused by a single driver's error i.e., did not stop in time, distracted driving, speeding, etc. 

Trucking collisions, on the other hand, are more likely to occur due to their sheer size. They are less able to stop swiftly and make incorrect turns. Another factor in this type of collision is equipment failure or manufacturing faults, which could lead to a lawsuit against the truck's manufacturer. It is the driver's and truck company's responsibility to keep the truck in good working order.

Injuries & Damages of the property in the accident

Because tractor trailers have a greater impact, injuries and property damage can be severe, even fatal. Whiplash can be caused by a rear-end collision with a passenger vehicle, but the identical rear-end collision with a tractor trailer can result in neck pain, back pain, sprains, and fractured bones.

Property damage from a car rear-end accident may cause a scratch on your back bumper, but property damage from the tractor trailer can cause your vehicle to be totaled or suffer frame damage.

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