Product Liability Claims: Everything you should know about

February 4, 2019
Product Liability Claims: Everything you should know about

Product liability law defines how and when one should be compensated for any damage or injury occurred because of any product. The damage thus caused by a product and proved eligible is compensated under the law of product liability. The product liability law explains different types of categories that can be caused by the failure of the product. There are three primary categories including:

•    Manufacturing Defects

•    Dangerous Side Effects

•    Inadequate Warnings, Instructions or Marketing

Manufacturing Defect:

This is a defect that put the manufacturer at the liability position. It occurs during the manufacturing cycle and may include a range of conditions such as loose parts, improper mix in case of edible items, infected items, tainted or discolored items, and more. In fact, wrong labels on a drug or medicine are also considered as a manufacturing defect.

Side Effects:

Also known as the design defect. The manufacturer is the only person to be claimed guilty for this defect. The designer of the product is considered primarily at fault. In the case of products, it is the designer who has to bear the consequences. In case of medicine, the researcher and the manufacturer are jointly liable, expert personal injury lawyers explain that although the manufacturer is not directly involved and the product doesn’t cause direct harm, the side effects are considered as a potential injury.

Improper warnings and instructions:

Personal injury attorneys state that it is very important for a product to have right label, information, and instruction on it. This helps the consumer/user make the best use of the product and avoid any hazardous use. Lack of instructions or exposure of the information about the product can cause misuse and a range of injuries to the user.

Hiring the best personal injury lawyer:

In case you are suffering from an injury caused by a manufacturing defect, side effect or insufficient information about the product, you are eligible to file a compensation claim. For this, you will have to hire an expert personal injury law firm in New Haven. The expert will help you identify the extent of the injury and also process your claim. With the expertise of the lawyer, you can get the right compensation.

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