Is car making left turn always held legally responsible for the accident?

December 9, 2019
Is car making left turn always held legally responsible for the accident

Driving is not that easy as it seems to be, especially at places where rules are followed very rigidly. Even the slightest of mistake can put you in legal trouble, thus it is really important to follow all the rules and regulations diligently. However, the challenges of driving can further aggravate if you are navigating around intersections. 

Those who are regularly driving must be aware of the fact that left-hand turns are really dangerous as negligence in the same leads to most of the accidents. A recent study has shown that almost 60% of accidents occur on an intersection involving left turn. And the worst part is that the driver taking the left turn is usually considered liable for the accident. However, according to Accident Lawyers New Haven, it is not always the case, there are certain exceptions where the driver taking the left turn is not considered liable for the accident, as the situation can always change the liability. 

But before we jump on to those exceptions, you must know why left-hand turns are dangerous and make the person guilty of an accident:

  • Usually, drivers accelerate while taking the left turn. When a wide turn is combined with accelerating speed, the threat to those coming from that side increases. 
  • As compared to right turn one needs to be more attentive while taking a left turn. 
  • Turning the left-hand side can disrupt the traffic coming behind. 
  • Those driving at the right lane needs to cross at least one lane to turn to their left. 
  • Vehicles coming straight are usually at high speed and try to cross the intersection first. 
  • The view is usually obstructed on the left side. 

Circumstances where the driver crossing left-hand intersection is not found liable by accident attorney CT:

  • If the speed of the car driving straight is above the mentioned limits, the liability of the accident falls on him rather than on the one taking the left turn on the intersection. 
  • If the car driving straight jumped red light. 
  • Unforeseen circumstances like obstruction or animal appearing suddenly on the road make the case stronger for the one driving through the left intersection. 

However, if you are caught in an accident while turning left there are chances that you will be given a ticket immediately but to make your case stronger and to get rid of any legal hasslet is really important to consult the best law firm New Haven CT to ensure that all the facts are put in a right way in front of the attorney.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.