How To Seal Your Criminal Record

June 10, 2019
How To Seal Your Criminal Record

A criminal record can be demeaning in a person’s life since it can follow the person for an entire lifetime where it can affect in his/her ability in finding a job or even continuing with education or even on signing a lease. If the criminal case does not result in a conviction, the record of the arrest or the criminal prosecution still remains. It is possible that the criminal records of the person can be sealed which implies that no one can view the contents of the file without the court order.

Each of the states has its own rules when it comes to record sealing where it specifies which of the convictions qualify and which of the defendant can apply and also of the various circumstances where the seal records might be accessed, for example, when applying for certain jobs. It should be noted that in general, the relatively low-level criminal offenses can qualify and also the first time offenders.

We at Cirillo Law Firm have a proficient legal team who has a thorough knowledge of the criminal law and they are vehemently equipped in handling the client’s distinct circumstances. Our criminal lawyers are prepared to defend the individuals who have been charged with a full range of felony crimes or misdemeanors.

In Connecticut, there can be criminal charges erased if the person can meet one of the following qualifications:

  1. There was just a criminal charge on you but you were not found guilty
  2. There was a dismissal of your case
  3. The charges made on you was dropped 13+ months ago
  4. There has been no further prosecution on the case because your case was put on hold 13+ months ago

When it comes to juvenile, it is a notion that for a majority of the individuals, the record sealing is not an automatic process. It is better to talk to a professional law firm in New Haven or a personal injury lawyers who specializes in sealing your criminal record since they are specialized in that demeanor.  Through the lawyers, you can know as to how the juvenile records are sealed in your state. Your lawyer can ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken in order to seal your record correctly.

We at Cirillo Law Firm can also help in defending the individuals who are related to crimes like assault, DWI, murder, property crime and drug-related crimes.

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