How much can you claim for your back injury in an accident

December 16, 2019
How much can you claim for your back injury in an accident

Any compensation resulting from an accident usually depends on the symptoms and extent of the injury, and not on the basis of the type of injury suffered. However, experts like accident lawyers New Haven can always provide a rough estimate of how much your injury is worth for but you must take these figures as estimated one and not the sure ones. 

To know the extent of severity, it is really important to understand the type of injuries you can suffer and its consequences. 

  • Cervical spinal injury: This is the injury that can lead to an inability to breathe properly and a permanent loss of speech. However, in the worst scenario patient can lose control over his body functions and may require round the clock care. 
  • Lumbar spinal injury: Such injury may not result in paralysis or permanent disability but it can always restrict mobility. This effects the lowest bone that provides the stability and a patient may even need a stick to walk properly
  • Thoracic Spinal injury: Such injury is usually a result of car accidents. Patients may lose any sensation in the lower part of the body to the extent that they may even lose sexual and reproductive ability. 

How much these injuries are worthy of?

As we discussed earlier that the compensation depends on the severity of the injury. However, if you have handed over your case to some renowned and capable Law firm New Haven CT, the representatives can make sure to make your case strong to get you the maximum compensation. 

  • The compensation will include the cost of treatment including rehabilitation cost, surgery cost and any such cost which you may have to bear in the future for your treatment. 
  • For those who need constant and lifetime, care may get compensated for the expense involved in hiring the full-time caretaker. 
  • Those who have become incapable of doing anything resulting in a halt in regular income may get monthly compensation or one-time compensation meet their monthly expenses. 
  • You may even get compensated to hire help even for cooking food or doing house chores for you because of your incapability of performing daily tasks. 

You could be awarded compensation as low as 1800 pounds to as high as 1 lakh pounds totally depending on the injury you have suffered and on the basis of how strongly your case has been submitted in front of accident attorney CT. Thus, it is really important to hire the best law firm to ensure to you get maximum compensation.

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