Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

September 8, 2020
Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

What is financial abuse in nursing homes?

Elderly people in nursing homes can experience different kinds of abuse. Unfortunately, one common form of abuse is financial abuse, where someone misuses or illegally uses the money and/or assets of an elder resident.

Kinds of Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

Elderly financial abuse in nursing homes can include:

  • Intentionally stealing of money or items
  • Blackmailed transfer of assets 
  • Fraud to take control of the resident's properties
  • Inappropriate use of the power of attorney
  • Unlawfully opening accounts in the name of the resident
  • forge a signature on a check or a document
  • Improper use of the resident’s funds without permission
  • Telemarketing scams that get older residents to send money

Who Commits Financial Abuse?

Sadly, just about anyone can commit elder financial abuse if they have access to funds or assets. Financial misconduct in nursing homes is frequently committed by:

  • Caregivers
  • Physicians
  • Members of the family 
  • Friends
  • Lawyers
  • Business people

Indications of Financial Abuse

Medical professionals and caregivers can refuse treatment for elderly nursing home residents unless the person agrees to offer money or properties. Abusers will trick people into accessing their finances. The use of telemarketing scams will trick residents into sending money to the abuser.

Elder financial abuse could happen several times, without the knowledge of the victim. Out of fear, a victim may even hide the abuse from trusted family members.

Since elder financial abuse can be hidden, it's vital to know the signs that could mean that your loved one is being abused. If you see any of the signs below, seek legal advice to stop the abuse and recover your loved one's money and properties

  • Unexplained withdrawal from bank accounts
  • Missing belongings
  • Added new names to bank accounts, credit cards and properties
  • Unanticipated changes in a will or financial records
  • A loved one gets generic medicines but is charged for brand name medicines
  • Medical and mobility equipment are missing, even though they were paid for.

If you suspect that an elderly loved one is the victim of elderly financial abuse in the nursing home where he or she lives, then contact an Elder Abuse Attorney in New Haven, CT.

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