Different Types of Personal Injury Compensation

July 23, 2018
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Accidents are horrible. The pain and sufferings become even more daunting when you are a victim of an accident where there was no fault of yours. Any accident that injured you and was caused by the negligence or mistake of a third-party is eligible for personal injury processing where you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries also known as personal injury compensation. This compensation covers a number of losses that a victim suffers because of an accident. The law governing the process is known as personal injury law or Tort law.

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Damages occurred in personal injury cases are bifurcated in two broad categories - Punitive and Compensatory claims. The compensatory cases are further bifurcated into General and Special damages. In both types of categories, a victim is provided with monetary compensation for the injuries and losses suffered. All the injury cases are considered under general compensation cases including slip and fall cases, accidents (auto), slip & fall and other injury prone accidents.

Under special compensatory damages, an injured person is offered a compensation for any monetary loss suffered by him/her due to the accident. Personal injury lawyers claim that this type of compensation is awarded based on the individual case and is unique in every case. Here, any monetary damage incurred because of the incident or the accident is covered. There is no cap on the amount paid under special compensations. Damages that are usually covered under special compensation include:

·         Loss of income

·         Loss of future income

·         Medical expenses

·         Cost of medical care required in future

·         Household expenses

·         Any loss or cost related to plans and trips canceled because of the accident.

As per personal injury attorney, there is another classification of compensation paid for personal injuries – accident compensation and victim’s compensation.

Accident compensation covers the cost of suffering & pain along with medical costs. Victim’s compensation takes care of the injuries and other costs that a victim suffered because of the accident.

The amount of personal injury compensation depends upon the attorney you choose to present your case. It is recommended to hire a personal injury law firm New Heaven CT that has enough knowledge and experience to fight your type of personal injury case and ensure that you are awarded the justified compensation for your losses.

The primary aim of a personal injury lawyer is to ensure that the rights of the victim are safeguarded in an accident. But to make sure this happens, they must have the desired set of attributes and experience.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.