Different types of elderly abuse and how to get help for it legally

November 4, 2019

While it is a common practice to trust a caregiver for taking care of an elderly family member, it is normally found that such caregivers easily lose your trust. This is when elderly abuse is reported, and it is reported by the best personal injury lawyers that in most of the cases, it is too late until we identify the signs of elderly abuse. As per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), elderly abuse is a deliberate act or failure, which causes an act that intends to arm an elderly person. 

Different types of elderly abuse:

Elderly abuse is primarily of 5 types. Any individual above the age of 60 years is considered as an elder. A caregiver or someone who is trusted to take care of the elder member can cause them harm in a number of ways, such as beating, not feeding properly, or emotional torment. The best personal injury lawyers state that elderly abuse becomes more common when the individual suffers from conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Commonly reported elderly abuse includes:

Physical abuse:

Any kind of act that causes physical harm to an elder is known as physical abuse. This includes hitting, pushing, or any other types of bodily harm. This type of abuse can be done with or without any weapon.

Emotional abuse:

Emotional abuse includes hurting an elder emotionally, such as yelling, saying hurtful words, and abusing.


Neglect covers various aspects and is an act of neglecting the essential needs of an elder. This includes ignoring the need for medical care, nutrition, hydration, hygiene, and safe living environment.

Financial abuse:

As the name suggests, this is when an elder is abused financially. Illegal, unauthorized, or improper use of the elderly person’s resources makes such type of abuse.

Sexual abuse:

Sexual abuse of elders has become very common nowadays. While it is really hard to accept, caregivers actually abuse elderly individuals sexually. This type of abuse includes mistreating and indulging in sexual acts with the elders.

Hiring professional help:

If you have an elderly relative who has recently been abused, it is important for you to hire professional help and seek compensation. The best law firm in New Haven can help you file a lawful case against the culprit and seek the best judgment.It is, however, very important to run a thorough background check of the caregiver before allowing them to take custody of your family members.

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