Covid-19 Disease and Connecticut Workers' Compensation

April 3, 2020
Covid-19 Disease and Connecticut Workers' Compensation

Employees who contract Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on the job will be compensated by the Connecticut Workers' Compensation.

If you have developed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on a job or if you think it was on a job, you might be liable for Workers' Compensation.

Connecticut Workers' Compensation Law offers benefits to workers who are sick or injured at work. The key benefits offered under the Connecticut Workers' Compensation are paid medical treatment and wage replacement. For an agreed claim, you will earn up to 75% of your salary for as long as you are absolutely unable to work. That also ensures that medical care should be fully covered without the need to think over a copay or deductible. If you have a permanent disability, you will still be paid for it. Death benefits are also provided to members of the families of an individual who passes the disease.

Although no cases have yet been determined, any employee who has contracted Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) while engaging in the business of their employer will be compensated. However, you will have to prove that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was more likely than not to be contracted in the workplace. You can be entitled to compensation even though you have an illness working from home. Showing you contracted a disease while working can be achieved through various methods.

The most common way to show a disease on the job is for your treating physician to write in your medical records or in a note that it is "more likely than not" that you have contracted a disease on the job. The doctor will be able to do it if you give them details about your job and non-work life. The doctor may like to know the nature of your work. What do you do? How often do you get in contact with people? Have any of your colleagues or customers been infected with COVID-19? When were your colleagues and/or customers infected with COVID-19? Has someone in your household been infected with COVID-19?

Providing the doctor with answers to these questions would be enough for them to determine whether or not you were more likely to have developed coronavirus disease at work.

Please make sure that you are adequately screened for COVID-19. If your doctor has diagnosed you with COVID-19 without a positive test outcome, a question could occur in the future.

The Workers' Compensation Commission is currently open and settling claims right now. Hearings are being done by phone, but they are still going ahead. Don't wait any longer.

Remember that this is a constantly changing situation, and new legislation can alter this. Historically, the legislature also enacted laws that reduced the burden of proof or provided employers with additional coverage for workers' compensation lawsuits under these conditions.

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