Common types of medical malpractices that you must know

October 21, 2019

Often cases are reported wherein the medical care provider committed some error because of the medical negligence. While the case makes the headlines for a day or two, the consequences of the negligence stay with the victim forever. The injury caused by the doctor results in tremendous mental and emotional trauma, along with bringing several physical inabilities.

Thankfully, there are personal injury attorneys, who help you seek the best compensation for your plight. However, even if you hire the best personal injury lawyer, it is important to have an idea of types of medical malpractices possible. Here are some of the common medical malpractices explained by the best personal injury lawyers:


This is a situation wherein a doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition and thus cannot advise the patient about the correct illness. This hampers the process of receiving the right type of treatment and may even worsen the patient’s condition.

Delayed diagnosis:

Quite similar to misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis is when the doctors take more the expected time in diagnosing the condition. This is when the diagnosis at first is wrong; however, it is corrected later.

Failure to treat:

The situation wherein a doctor fails to treat the conditions rightly because of inadequate treatment recommendation is also medical malpractice.

Surgical error:

One of the most common types of medical malpractices, surgical errors can be of various types, including:

  • Incorrect procedure
  • Unwanted surgery
  • Damage to the organs, nerves or tissues
  • Failure of anesthesia administration
  • Non-sterilization
  • Forgetting equipment inside
  • Inadequate care

This type of errors can have damaging results, and hence the malpractice is very serious in nature.

Birth Injury:

Any injuries caused to the baby at the time of birth which has long-time consequences are known as birth injury medical malpractice. Inadequate prenatal cares from the pediatrician or any negligence at the time of the delivery are some common examples.

Medical product liability:

This is when the patient suffers from losses because a medical device used on them was of poor quality.

Hiring the best law firm in New Haven:

In case you or anyone you know has suffered an injury due to medical malpractice, it is a must to hire the best law firm in New Haven.Only a professional personal injury lawyer can help you by guiding the best way to proceed with the case and seek the best compensation.

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