Common Rights Of A Passenger In A Car Accident

June 16, 2021
Common Rights Of A Passenger In A Car Accident

Nobody expects to be involved in a car accident. They usually happen without warning, and the consequences can be disastrous. The majority of car accidents are rather straightforward to resolve, but others can be more difficult and necessitate filing a lawsuit. If you have been injured while riding in a car as a passenger, you may be wondering what rights you have. 

You have the same entitlement to compensation as a driver if you are a passenger in an automobile accident. However you don't think about compensation for vehicle damage unless the accident happened while you were in your vehicle, you can still demand compensation for any injuries you sustained in the accident. This includes the following:

Medical Bills

You have the right to seek compensation for all medical expenditures incurred as a result of your injuries following a vehicle accident. This covers everything from immediate care, including ambulance transportation, to months of physiotherapy following the accident. Keep track of all of your medical expenditures so you can have a better idea of how much you should be compensated.

Lost Wages

The loss of earnings while recovering can be a severe hit, especially for those victims who work or have no time off in an hourly job. Fortunately, those lost wages can be compensated as part of a personal injury claim.

Pain & Suffering

Like the driver of the vehicle and any other passengers, you have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering in addition to financial damages. Consult an attorney about including pain and suffering in your personal injury claim.

As a Passenger in an Accident

You may have numerous choices for obtaining compensation as a passenger in an accident. You may be able to sue the party who caused the accident, whether it was the driver of your vehicle or the driver of another vehicle. If your injuries exceeded the coverage provided by the culpable party's insurance, or if you were in an accident with a driver who did not have insurance, you may be able to obtain compensation through the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage carried by the driver of your vehicle.

Filing A Passenger Claim

When you are injured as a passenger in a car accident, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries. Nonetheless, many insurance companies will try to reduce the amount of damages they must pay — or may even deny your claim entirely.

This process begins immediately following the accident, when the insurance company launches its own inquiry into the crash, looking for ways to prove that their insured was not at fault, or that the passenger played a role in the accident in some way. This is why having your own experienced Connecticut car accident lawyer is so important for a full recovery.

If you are a passenger in a car accident, contact the Car Accident Attorney in Connecticut

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