Car Accidents mostly result in Neck and Back Injury

September 30, 2019
Car Accidents mostly result in Neck and Back Injury

Individuals who face vehicle collisions often suffer from various neck injuries, such as whiplash, chronic and acute neck pain, et cetera. Most of these back and neck pains occur when there is a rear-end collision, but, it is not only limited to that. Based on a recent study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, approximately 50% of all motor vehicle accident cases cause acute and severe pain of the neck and back, and such chronic pain tends to last for the lifetime.

Hence, if you ever fall in such an accident, you should always hire the car accident lawyers who can give you the best advice regarding the next steps which you should follow to get the best remuneration for your unfortunate incident.

There are many personal injury attorney New Haven has to offer who have a long-run history of representing victims of car accidents and any other types of mishaps causing injury. These attorneys have a great experience of dealing with such issues and will definitely give you the best monetary compensation which you deserve because of another person’s negligence. They have a very big list of clients who have successfully fought their cases and got a great monetary remuneration.

What are some of the symptoms of acute neck and back pains?

Most of the symptoms of the acute neck and back pains tend to surface after a day or so. Numerous victims who you have gone through a car accident have complained that they have been suffering from chronic and acute symptoms since a long time, and there appears no sign of recovery.

Following are some of the symptoms of chronic back pain resulting from car accidents:

  • Extremely stiff muscles and tissues
  • Tremendous pain in the shoulder and neck area
  • Exceptional discomfort in the lower back area 
  • Essence of vertigo or dizziness during odd hours of the day
  • Sensations of tingling and numbness in the tips of the fingers and other joints
  • Lack of a proper vision, nausea, irritation and continuous fatigue

Why should you hire a professional lawyer?

There are various professional law firm New Haven has to offer who understand the impact of such a car accident or any other such accident which is not your mistake. Hence, to get the best compensation and financial remuneration, you should hire a personal attorney who can make a substantial case and put it up in the judicial process to get you the best compensation possible. These car injury lawyers understand that after such an accident, you will need a lot of money for your treatment and hence, they provide a “no win, no fee” facility, which means that if you do not win the case, they will not charge you a single dime.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.