Bus Accident Lawsuits and Settlements

November 10, 2021
Bus Accident Lawsuits and Settlements

If a bus accident is caused by someone's negligence, the victims will wish to file a lawsuit. The injuries sustained in the incident may be temporary or permanent, and the injured will seek compensation. If the injured party requires medical care or therapy, they would expect to be reimbursed for their expenses.

The size of the bus, the number of passengers on board, and the lack of seat belts or airbags can result in both injuries and fatalities. If numerous people are hurt, the negligent party may have to deal with a variety of issues. They'll have to deal with legal consequences, litigation, and large restitution payments.

Is it Possible to File a Lawsuit Against a Bus Company or Public Transportation?

Whether the bus company is privately held or owned by a state or local government unit will determine how the lawsuit progresses.

A school bus, for example, could be owned by a school district, which is a government organization, or by a private company:

If your accident occurred on a privately owned bus, the procedure will be the same as it is in most negligence and personal injury cases.

The legal process will be accelerated if the bus firm is owned by a government entity. There will be additional procedures to follow in order to file a claim, as well as a limit on the overall amount of damages you can receive. Get legal guidance as soon as possible.

Employees of the bus company may be granted "sovereign immunity" if they work for the government.

Suing Government Employees: Sovereign Immunity

Government entities get certain legal protection. That doesn't rule out the possibility of suing a government-run bus company. Most government agencies will allow a lawsuit to move forward if stricter procedural conditions are met.

School districts, cities, municipalities, and counties, according to a traditional understanding of the sovereign immunity theory, are not entitled to sovereign immunity. However, this is a point of contention.

A bus accident lawyer will investigate the local interpretation of sovereign immunity and procedural requirements and provide you with legal advice unique to your case.

Notice of claim and statutes of limitations

There are various steps to a bus accident case, all of which must be completed by a certain date. If you do not file a case before the deadline, you will lose your ability to sue. The jurisdiction establishes statutes of limitations, which vary greatly from state to state.

When a lawyer submits a notification of intent to sue, it is known as a "notice of claim." Not filing a notice of claim has the same result as not filing a statute of limitations: you lose your ability to sue. Dates can range from a few months to two years or more but consult with a personal injury lawyer for more information.

Even if you file a notice of claim correctly, the statute of limitations does not start. The same can be said about submitting a notice of claim that does not result in a lawsuit being started.

A "notice of claim" must be written, according to one particular rule. Local rules dictate what specific details regarding the accident and injuries should be included.

A lawyer can examine your claim and assist you in resolving your case if you were hurt in a bus accident. An attorney will assist you in calculating the settlement value and taking into account all relevant elements. They can assist in the creation, rejection, and delivery of settlement offers and counter-offers.

If you are a victim of a bus accident, contact the Personal Injury Lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut

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