A key consideration to avoid accidents at your retail store

March 4, 2019
A key consideration to avoid accidents at your retail store

Slip and fall cases have become common news in today’s retail world. Even established retail store owners fear the consequences of a slip and fall case. Reports suggest that a major part of workplace accidents comprises of slips and trips and in case of retails stores, it results in third-party liabilities. When you are operating in a retail environment, you are inviting several outsiders to visit your premises as a part of your business. Slips and falls attorney explains that by not providing them with a safe and secure environment, you are inviting more risk than profit to your business.

How to stop common accidents at retail stores?

You need to make it visible for the retail customers that you are concerned about their wellbeing. By managing the liability risk efficiently, you can make your retail environment happy and facilitating for your business. To start with, you must first identify the prospective risks in your retail store. There should be a separate identification of the preventive measures that your customers or visitors should take, in order to prevent accidents in the first place.

You should also incorporate an expert slip and fall lawyer in your slips and falls cases preventive planning. This will help you have a legal and professional aspect in your strategy, which could help you to identify and deal with illegal or unjustified claims.

The retail environment is very challenging and it demands your attention to the fullest. Some of the common causes of slip and fall accidents at a retail store include:

  • Shiny and glossy floors that are also slippery
  • Excessive lighting which might make customers uncomfortable
  • Mannequins or other visual merchandise that can hamper the easy flow of motion
  • Glass doors without any reflective
  • Glass doors without pull or push signs
  • Uneven flooring and surfaces
  • Staircase without railings
  • Improper fitting room
  • Improper and unsafe electrical fittings

Health and Safety approach as preventive measures:

As a responsible retail store owner, you must contact a reliable slip and falls law firm in New Haven to draft and plan your health and safety policy. It should include all aspect of safety and well-being, which should consider both employees as well as the customer’s safety. By taking an expert’s advice and having a set strategy in place, you can easily prevent slip and fall cases. In fact, even if some fateful event happens, the experts can help you deal with the proceedings.

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