A Complete Guide to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

July 8, 2019
A Complete Guide to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death is a situation when someone dies due to the negligence or misconduct of someone else. In such a condition, the survivor has the right to the person responsible. The case is fought to seek compensation for the loss of the survivor which may include loss of companionship, expenses of the funeral and lost wages from deceased. However, for the claim to exist it is important for one party to be on legal fault. The statutes for wrongful death are different from state to state. Wrongful death attorney explains that in general, these statues describe who is eligible to sue for wrongful death and any cap levied on the extent of damages. 

Who is eligible to sue for wrongful death?

As per the state laws, a surviving spouse, immediate family member, children and parents of the deceased are eligible to sue for wrongful death. The parents of a deceased fetus can also sue for wrongful death. The criteria depend upon the statute of wrongful death applicable in the state. The civil “wrongful death statute” sets forth the procedure for bringing wrongful death actions. The wrongful death lawyer explains that a personal representative of the case can also seek a claim for any personal injury, conscious pain and suffering as well as any expenses incurred before the death of the deceased during the case. 

How can one prove wrongful death?

To prove wrongful death, the following document can be used as proof:

  • Death of a person
  • Intent of causing harm or death caused by another person
  • Survival of immediate relatives who have survived monetary loses because of the death
  • Appointment of a personal representative for the case

What to keep in mind while hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney?

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