10 tips to deal with the Insurance Company in case of car accident Injury

November 26, 2018
How to file an insurance claim

When you are a victim of a car accident, you have the right to sue the guilty party and demand compensation. Once you do so, you must expect the other party's insurance company to call you for settlement. What should you say to them? How can you make the best deal for yourself? These are some of the doubts that you may ponder. While an expert car accident attorney will help you prepare for the conversation, here are a few additional tips you should know:

  • The insurance adjuster will dedicatedly try to pay you low. Never trust that the adjuster is on your side and has your interest in mind.
  • What you say, affects your case. Although it is always best to be truthful while talking with the adjuster, you must first consult with a professional car accident claims lawyer before offering any recorded statement.
  • Take sincere follow up on the doctor for your treatment and medical condition. In case you fail to keep yourself up, an insurance company can take it as a lapse and discount your claim on the basis of negligence.
  • Take as many pictures as you can. This includes photographs of your damaged car, other party’s car, visible injuries, and the entire accident site.
  • Maintain a file with all the important paperwork including the details of the witnesses with their names, contact number and addresses, police officer’s detail, and all the information about the driver.
  • You will be first taken to an emergency room for the first aid. The doctor might very soon release you to a general ward. It I important to know that because you are released from the emergency room, it does not means you are fit and ready to go, you must keep a tab on your health and choose a doctor to take care of your condition, efficiently.
  • Do not think about setting your car accident injury claim before you feel fine and the doctor approves of that. You must know your medical future before you claim any compensation.

Never proceed without a reliable car accident lawyer firm New Haven. The process of setting the claim is tedious and without knowledge, you might just get lost.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.